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Legacy Scholarship

The Alumnae Association funds the Legacy Scholarship, a scholarship that is open to prospective freshman students with familial relationships to graduates or current students of Gwynedd.

An important goal of the Legacy Scholarship is to assist students who might otherwise be unable to attend Gwynedd with a scholarship of $3,000 per year for four years. The scholarship recipients honor the traditions of GMAHS and the work of our Alumnae Association through maintaining good grades, providing leadership among peers, and demonstrating good character in the Mercy Spirit. 

This scholarship depends greatly on donations from members of the Alumnae Association. You can donate directly to the Legacy Scholarship at the link below—just check "Other" as your designated area of support and type "Legacy Scholarship" in the field.

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The Alumnae Association Board's Scholarship Committee reviews applications for the Legacy Scholarship each fall, and works to raise awareness of and funding for the scholarship itself. If you would like to join the Scholarship Committee, email Director of Alumnae Engagement Erin Reimel Clements '12 at

The 2023-2024 Legacy Scholars

Lea Fix '27

What it means to be the Legacy Scholar: To be a Legacy Scholar means to me to carry on the traditions of a Mercy Monarch and to make every one of our alumnae proud. To be awarded this scholarship is a very high honor that I aspire to uphold every day at Gwynedd.

How will you continue the legacy of Mercy? During my time at Gwynedd I will strive to include everyone into the family of Gwynedd and to do my part to serve those in need. Gwynedd is more than a school, it is a community, and I will do all that I can to preserve that.

Ella Hayes '26

What it means to be the Legacy Scholar: It means that I am now a leader and need to take responsibility. This is a big opportunity that can show my love for Gwynedd.

How will you continue the legacy of Mercy? In my four years here at Gwynedd, I plan to continue the legacy of Mercy by helping whenever is needed and never letting my team down by not showing up or lacking work. 

Cora Hisler '25

How will you continue the legacy of Mercy? I plan to show my younger sisters how to lead and be a good student and athlete by using the resources Gwynedd supplied me with. 

Favorite GMA memory: It was so great when my whole track team went to watch Ellie Perry '22 in the fall musical because it showed how supportive the Gwynedd community is of each other.

Moran Fix '24

What it means to be the Legacy Scholar: To me, it means carrying forth everything Mercy. I was very honored when I received the scholarship and I hope I can make all our alums proud of what they left after them. 

Favorite GMA memory: I love Mercy Day because of the strong sense of family and the joy it brings me to be surrounded by my sisters having a great time all day. I also love the community that comes with my sports teams, volleyball and lacrosse and celebrating each point with them.